Is Binomo legal or fraud?

Is Binomo legal or fraud?


Making money online gained in popularity like never. You can get real money in many ways, including binary options trading. This trend is one of the most promising, that’s why the risk that you may hit upon fraudsters is high. Some may accuse Binomo broker, the trusted leader in this field, of dishonesty. Let us get all this straightened out. Is that true?

Negative feedback on Binomo

binomo swindlers or not?

You may see negative feedback on the Binomo company on various binary trading websites and forums. But that doesn’t say much that you shouldn’t trust in this project. According to the analysis, some feedback has the same pattern. It means that the business rivals paid for this provided feedback. This so-called “true” feedback is not buttressed up by any facts. So, you shouldn’t believe it.

Newcomers, another category of the former clients, charge Binomo with dishonesty. They registered on the website or in the app. But they couldn’t dig into the service and basic trade strategies or lacked a desire. So, they failed and got short of their funds. It’s easier to accuse Binomo of fraud, than confess that it’s you who is to blame.

Some clients call a scam site as it switched to a new trade platform. Moreover, people on the project changed the bank that keeps the users’ deposit funds. These radical changes resulted in technical bugs and withdrawal problems on the platform. Some former clients considered it a fraud and bubble scheme.

The platform managed to restore its functionality quickly. The rush of indignation waned fast. The analysis of the recent feedback on Binomo shows that it has mostly glowing reference.

This comes as no surprise. After the debug, the official broker’s site provides the traders with favourable terms of trade, a wide range of required tools, and a prompt cash withdrawal. The withdrawal from the Binomo account into a user’s bank card or e-wallet takes from several hours to three days. It depends on the account status. VIP-users have priority.

Is Binomo scam or not?

Many brokers who still have no accounts on this trade platform wonder if the game is worth the candle. Binomo is the responsible dealer of binary options. The complete business transparency is one of the features that prove it. All the relevant information is in the public domain. Any user can assess it.

To Binomo credit, it entered the top-3 best online brokerage projects in 2019. That’s why you can trust the company with your money without fear of fraud. Dealing center reliability is at a high ebb and shown in the documentation.

Is Binomo legally operating in India and other countries? Yes, it is. Binomo has a license from the regulatory body of the binary options market.

The binary options broker Binomo annually undergoes CROFR (FMRRC) certification. Binomo holds a corresponding license. This means that the statutes of the current law protect all clients’ accounts. Binomo spent a lot of time and effort to establish the company and try to keep business on track. That’s why such a reliable company can gain nothing from fraud against the clients.

Also, Binomo project is one of the most breakthrough and fast-growing platforms of the binary options markets. It attracts thousands of new clients. The dealing center carries out the terms of an agreement. By the way, each client must sign an agreement to create an account. The portal abates not a jot of its trade terms. Thus, there is no objective evidence that Binomo fools and tricks the traders. One cannot blame Binomo for any fraud!

Nothing indicates that Binomo is an unfair company. You can earn and withdraw real money here. Pay no mind to the intrigues of rivals and negative feedback from the former clients who failed to work on the platform.

Are there any other facts that prove Binomo trustworthiness?

To prove for sure that this Broker is not a scammer, let’s name the main features that should get any broker’s attention.

Ensured success

Some dealers promise 100% gaining to users. In reality, no one can promise it on the binary options market, as things are changing every minute. Decent trade platforms provide clients with the maximum tools for work. They do not give an iron-clad guarantee of success. The dealing center Binomo does not apply it in practice either. So, you cannot tell that it is a speculator.

Suspicious website

A suspicious site is another clear sign that may unmask a scam broker of binary options. The trader should become concerned if:

  • the URL is strange (f.e. an alphanumeric character set and not the company name);
  • the portal is coded carelessly, on the fly;
  • the texts are full of mistakes;
  • the content has scattered rows, etc.

These signs show that they created this one-day site to make bank and hook clients. This portal is not designed for long term usage.

Is the Binomo broker site secure? Yes, it is. Binomo developed its site competently and at the highest levels. It has over twenty pages full of interesting, useful and correct texts.

Third parties

Dishonest binary options brokers resort to third parties. The scheme is simple: they ask a user to call on an intermediary broker’s aid to claim the prize. As a result, money goes west.

As for Binomo broker, the portal never redirects its users to any third parties. Each user can request to withdraw funds from his trade account by filling in the information in the profile.

Combative advertising

Scammers’ aim is to fool more naive users fast as can, so, they are not above obtrusive advertising. You may get to a binary options site through an ad or banner located on another portal. Then, the probability that you are on a fraudulent site approaches 100%. You should remember that honest dealing centers do not attack the network users with combative advertising. If one can make money on the portal, new users find this portal on the bush telegraph.

Moreover, the scammy binary traders use email or SMS spamming. The texts are similar. They say that you are offered an opportunity to hit a big jackpot on a silver platter. You should grow suspicious at this message as it is a clear sign of fraud. No one will share profitable offers just for a thank you.

Paid-for feedback

binomo scammers

The next thing that should alert you while choosing a binary option is the huge amount of paid-for positive feedback. You can spot it. The text is full of great admiration, repeats many other reviews. The grammar is excellent.

You should watch video-reviews critically too. Some may say that they make a lot of money, but there is some grubby furnished room in the background. You shouldn’t take at their bare word. Those who provide paid-for feedback read the prepared texts. They never speak from their hearts. You can see it.

Is negative feedback on Binomo real or fake? You can tell fake feedback from real: it’s a text without any proofs that repeats many other comments.

Incredible success stories

Scammers often tell fabulous stories about getting into big money thanks to this or that binary option. The most popular story tells about “Slumdog millionaire”. The main character shares a sob story about his life “Before” and “After” in the video. This story is not supported by any evidence. All that you can see is photoshopped images.

Are there any such stories on Binomo? No, the site has never attracted clients by this method. This binary options broker is open to his users. There is no need to promote the platform through these awful success stories.

Thanks to Binomo, you have a realistic way to make money without any frauds!

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