Binomo Broker Overview: Features and Key Benefits

Binomo Broker Overview: Features and Key Benefits

Trading through binary options is one of the most common types of earnings on the network. To start working in the field of trading, you should first carefully analyze specialized trading floors. The article presents a true review of the Binomo broker. We consider the main advantages, attitudes towards traders and the nuances of working on the platform.

The history and development of Binomo

reviews of the official binomo website
Judging by the feedback from traders from India, Russia and other countries of the world, Binomo binary options broker is a popular Russian trading platform, which appeared on the market in 2014. Initially, only brokers paid attention to it, since the developers of the site offered a very limited and not very convenient set of tools. Soon, the developers realized their mistakes and began to act in a different way. As a result, the entire system was revised and adjusted. The positive effect was not long in coming: already in 2015, Binomo entered the top of the most reliable and promising financial brokers among the CIS countries.

What is the reason for the success of Binomo, why is it confidently crowding out other binary options? The answer is simple: the reason is a qualified upgrade of the platform. In the process of transformation, it acquired its own style and was equipped with a wide range of useful tools.

Among the factors that attracted many new customers to Binomo, it is worth noting the following:

  • Interesting bonus programs;
  • Intuitive and understandable interface;
  • the most accurate quotes;
  • easy withdrawal of funds.

The broker provides not only binary, but also long-term and paired options. The combination of the described factors brought this broker to the top, despite the rather limited choice of contracts on the platform.

Key Benefits of Binomo

Binomo exchange broker has an official Russian-language website: One of the main advantages of the organization is that it is included in the compensation fund of the regulator. Simply put, all financial risks of clients are reliably protected by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Another argument in favor of Binomo is the fact that the option is regulated by the TSROFR. The company received an appropriate license, which confirms the safety of cooperation with the site. User funds are protected by law, so fraud on Binomo is not possible.

The official broker website and the platform’s trademark are property of the Tiburon Corporation Limited. General information about the company is presented in the public domain, so every user can familiarize themselves with it.
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It should also be noted that the Binomo exchange platform adheres to the classical rules regarding the storage and management of deposits, mutual settlements, etc. This is very convenient, because the site has registered not only users from Russia, but also players from other countries.

Of particular note is the way to store personal data of the client. The Binomo broker takes care of the safety of the user’s personal information. The site uses SSL, which has proven its high efficiency.

Since Binomo is considered an international class binary options broker, a mobile version of the site was created for the convenience of users. Since 2019, it is gaining more and more popularity.

Binomo reviews

The Binomo platform has become incredibly popular in 2018, and has not been losing ground since then. Around the same time, the first user reviews from India and other countries about working with the service began to appear on the Internet. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that not all of them have a positive color. But to comment and attach great importance to them is not worth it, since most negative statements have almost identical text, that is, they were written by order of competitors.

Negative feedback on Binomo was also left by traders who could not figure out the binary options system. Simply put, people decided to blame the imperfection of the site for their own failures. Therefore, you should not take all the negatives seriously and think that these are real reviews about the broker.

Each novice trader needs to first understand in detail the Binomo work system, and only then proceed with the rates.

Regarding positive reviews, users most often mention the following Binomo options:

  • comfortable site scrolling and simple interface;
  • use of the latest technologies for working on the exchange;
  • honesty towards users;
  • increased security, personal data security, etc.

Another important point that real users note: scam and fraud on the Binomo broker platform are impossible!

Support and training for Binomo traders

One of the unique features that characterize the Binomo exchange broker is the training and support of novice traders. Everyone can contact the company representatives in different ways, which are presented on the website:

  • by calling the support service hotline number;
  • by email (;
  • online, using the feedback form;
  • in Skype chat, etc.

Thanks to a powerful professional support, even a beginner can not worry that he will be left alone with the problem or lose money.

In addition, the creators of the option posted a training system on the official website. It is represented by a series of online lessons and a demo account. Note a nice bonus: when choosing a demo account, the user is immediately credited with a deposit of $ 1,000 free options.
Binomo com broker review
Novice traders can see how the most popular strategies work, view key indicators, and take advantage of the help of virtual advisers. And at Binomo you can get bonuses, detailed analytics and a set of free tools for successful work. Also, users of the site are gidted with useful signals to enter the market.

How to open an account on Binomo

Another big plus of working with Binomo is the ease of opening a personal account. First you need to visit the official website of the broker and register on it. New user will need:

  • indicate his email;
  • make up and enter password;
  • choose the currency.

Next, a novice broker must put a “tick” in the appropriate window to confirm agreement with the working conditions on the trading floor.

Other Binomo advantages

For what other pluses do users love Binomo so much, why does it get positive reviews and become more popular than Forex? The answer is simple: every novice trader enters the process on the same conditions. Moreover, all customers without exception can take part in tournaments. Matches can be paid and free: the amount of winnings depends on their variety.

It is also very easy to send money to Binomo and withdraw it. A trader can easily withdraw both a small (5-10 dollars) and a large amount. To make a transfer, you only need to submit an application in your account. At Binomo, you can work not only with major currencies (euros, dollars), but also with cryptocurrency, including otn, ico and other digital money.

As you can see, this is a convenient broker on the site of which you can earn good money. To learn more about the Binomo binary options broker company, watch a video review about trading conditions and platform features:

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