What is it, binomo com: investments into trade, opportunities of demo account

What is it, binomo com: investments into trade, opportunities of demo account

In the field of option trade there are particular leaders, among them the special place has been reserved for broker Binomo. But why is this platform so popular? What are the aspects  of this service, its opportunities and advantages in the sphere of binary options trade? Let us go into the details!

Short overview of Binomo

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It is necessary to know that such broker as Binomo has appeared in the field of options trade relatively recently. Company started operations only in 2014. People started registering at the platform regardless of the fact that initially there was available a primitive and reduced functionality. But the authors of project quickly realized the necessity of  timely changes and system improvement. That is why just in 1 year the developers considerably improved and transformed the platform.

What is Binomo platform today, you can study by yourself. To do so, you can just go to official website of company which is at binomo com. The one of platform’s characteristics is possibility to trade not only with binary options. Here you can really earn from fluctuations in price of:

  • currency pairs;
  • raw materials;
  • indices;
  • shares;
  • CFD-contracts;
  • crypto currencies and etc.

The attraction of this broker-platform also lies in its active development not only in Russia and CIS countries. The users from 133 states, including India, explore binary strategies at Binomo, and around 40 thousand traders daily visit the site and use the services.

Binomo characteristics

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It’s not less important to also mention the other characteristic features of the project. Genuinely strong side of platform is represented by its safety and reliability and this is proved by license FMRRC obtained. Also, the activity of Binomo is controlled by International Finance Committee. Thanks to this, the users can stop worrying about safety of their financial resources. Such famous and prestige companies definitely will not work with swindlers.

So why is Binomo often promoted as the best broker? There is nothing surprising in that, because Binomo really performs as innovative trading platform with more than 50 positions of financial assets. But most often clients of official website are attracted by binary options.

Also it’s worthy to mention that such project operates in two variations. There is standard web-version and convenient application Binomo which is oriented towards owners of gadgets with Android, and with iOS as well. The last option makes it possible to sell binary options from any part of the world and at any time convenient for you. It is suggested to enter the system from your smartphone or tablet which is very convenient for traders who lead an active lifestyle.

Binomo website functions in 18 languages of the world, including English, Russian and Hindi.

How to enter website and pass registration.

In order to start training about binary options or to make investments into trading immediately it’s needed to go to official site of broker. After this, it’s required to register in system right away. The main thing — to mention current email, after this it will be required to verify the email.

After this simple manipulation, which will not take much time, it will be possible to pass to trading zone of the platform. Here the trader will have to come up with his own login and password for entering the website. Usually, the email address mentioned during registration fulfils a function of  login, and password is created from combination of letters and numbers.

Before starting the trade, each client of Binomo has to select one of currency options. Website gives opportunity of working with dollars and euros as well. After this, the acquaintance with user’s agreement will remain, and then putting a “tick mark” in respective field.

The selection of account at website Binomo

After completing procedure of registration the user will have to select the account. Company Binomo implements unique policy, that is why they present 4 types of accounts for traders choice:

  • Demo;
  • Standard;
  • Gold;

Each variant has its particular individual characteristics and functions. For example, with choosing the account Standard, the user will get full functionality and standard set of options. If you choose the account «Gold» then some privileges are added to basic tools.

VIP-traders have special story — Binomo offers them not only standard options and opportunities. Traders with VIP-accounts have individual programme and special terms of service.

Opportunities of demo-account at Binomo website

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Although, the special attention is deserved by a training account which you can open at Binomo. This opportunity is provided free of cost, that means without investments. Any person can freely come to the world of virtual trading. There is formed opinion in internet that in reality it is not possible to earn with the help of demonstrational account. This is not really so. The tournaments among holders of training accounts take place on regular basis, you can withdraw the profit won.

At official Binomo website the demo-account — is good way to test the platform. With the help of demo account, the every user can get lessons of trading without personal risks and can get understanding of:

  • what is futures;
  • how to select the correct differential binomial;
  • how does system work;
  • how to get bonuses;
  • which strategy is the most profitable.

The format of training free of cost immediately excludes all doubts about broker’s reliability. That is why there is no need to fix on someone’s opinion: open your demo-account free of cost, test it, come up with your proposals and decide if it’s worthy to work at Binomo platform. Your real positive feedbacks will help to newcomers in this field.

Also, subscribe to news so that to be the first one to know all actual information in the world of finances. We wish to every client of Binomo to gain insight on all nuances of trading as soon as possible and to actively start earning remotely through internet!

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