List of Binomo Tournaments

List of Binomo Tournaments

Competitions between traders, otherwise referred to as tournaments, are based on the principle of getting as much profit as possible over a certain period of time. For the convenience of participants Binomo provided the opportunity to participate directly on the trading platform. There are both fee-based classic tournaments and a “Daily Free” competition for beginners with free access.

The overall prize pool is distributed evenly according to the place taken in the competition. To comply with the rules of the tournament, each participant is allocated an equal number of tournament coins. To switch between your accounts, use the window that displays current balance.

If you have spent all your coins, you can buy them with just one click. However, keep in mind that it costs money, even if you are participating in an open tournament. All additional purchases are made at a fixed price.
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You can find the list of Binomo tournaments and all other available information about the competition in the upper right corner. Here you can check tournament completion time and your place in the ranking. You can also calculate your expected winnings. In case you don’t win a prize, you will see a possible prize that you can get.

What tournaments are available on Binomo?

At the moment, more than 8 tournaments are available on the platform and the number is constantly growing. The main differences are considered to be the entry fee and the prize pool. Below is a list of the most popular tournaments among traders.

  1. The Daily Free. Participation in the tournament is completely free and is held every day. The prize pool of the contest reaches 600 dollars, and possible winnings can be about 100 dollars. In addition, when the prize pool is growing, traders are allowed to re-buy at the price of two dollars. It is worth noting that there are 70 winning places, which significantly increases the chances of at least getting a small prize.
  2. Week End. The tournament is held weekly. The auction starts on Saturday morning, and the results are summed up on Sunday evening. The entry fee for the tournament is 5 dollars, and the prize pool is limited to 1,500 dollars.
  3. First Raise. In this tournament, the prize pool reaches 7,000 USD. You can participate every day except weekends.
  4. Lucky Trader. Here the prize pool can increase up to 20,000 USD, mainly due to the number of players and their additional purchases. If a trader takes the first place, then his winnings can reach 2,500 dollars. The duration of the tournament is ten days.   You must at least have a “Standard” status to get access to the game. The participation fee in the tournament is only 15 dollars.

Besides regular tournaments, there are also seasonal contests on the platform. In such events, the prize pool is deducted up to 70% of all participants ‘ contributions, and it cannot be less than 35,000 dollars.

The process of registration and cashing your winnings

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You should have enough money on your balance to pay for the entry to participate. The registration process is quite simple, just click on the corresponding button in the tournament you selected from the list.

Next, you should wait for confirmation of your registration and then you will be able to access the main positions.

If you win a prize, you will be sent a message, which can be seen in the “Gifts” section. Then you should activate the received reward and all of your winnings will be credited to your account.

You can withdraw this money from the game balance to your account in the most convenient way for you. However, there are exceptions, but they are registered as a separate condition of the tournament.

How do I win tournaments?

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In order to get into the top five traders, you will have to increase your initial deposit by at least 30 times. To achieve such a result, it is not enough to use a standard trading strategy, but there is no point to risk placing bets on each order. The best option might be 25% for a classic investment, and 10% if a grid strategy is used.

Feedback about Binomo tournaments

Of course, it is impossible to find reviews of tournaments on specialized sites. But the fact that they are used as the main advantage of the broker clearly shows the popularity of Binomo tournaments and bonuses.

It should also be taken into account that the quality of tournaments and the conditions on which you can participate in them are constantly improving, which confirms the high level achieved by Binomo and the importance of such tournaments.

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